What Is An Online Lottery?

Contrary to what you might imagine, an online lottery is not a lottery that exists solely online. Instead, it is a type of service that allows you to play the real lottery from an online hub. It's a lottery portal that offers up the usual information you might expect, but also has some tricks up its sleeve.

The most well known of these online lottery websites is LotteryMaster. This is a place where you can literally buy a lottery ticket for EuroMillions even if you live in Canada, a ticket for the Powerball even if you live in Curacao, or a ticket to El Gordo even if you live in Zimbabwe. The point is that it gets you geographically unstuck.

The traditional gate at the door of any lottery is its regionality. You would have to be physically present someplace to buy a ticket.

LotteryMaster To the Rescue!

LotteryMaster solves this problem in a rather clever way. It asks, "why should you be the one who is physically present at the gas station in Madrid if all you want to do is play El Gordo De La Primitiva? Why not send someone who already lives there instead of you to buy the damn ticket?

That's exactly how this service works. They have an army of employees around the globe whose entire rason d'etre is to stand by while you fill out lottery ticket numbers on a virtual grid on your screen, and then run out and buy you that ticket. You can be anywhere you want during the entire duration of the process. You don't need to hand over any cash. No ID. No signature. Nothing is required of you other than your lottery expertise and a small fee.

How Do You Collect?

Herein is both the beauty and elegance of LotteryMaster. If you're a winner, you already have an account with the website that's tied to your bank account. If you win, you not only get an instant notification, but the money ends up directly in your account. You don't have to lift a finger for this to happen, as it's fully automatic.

As you may or may not know, if you win the jackpot, most states stipulate that you must show up in person to claim the prize. In such a situation, LotteryMaster has you covered. You see, the ticket that was originally bought for you was stored in a secure location, awaiting its rightful owner (you).

All you would need to do is book a flight to wherever the ticket was bought for you (make sure you don't have any visa problems well ahead of time. This should be a given). After you arrive, the media machine takes over, but not before your concierge hands you your ticket, which is legally yours because you will have a certificate of ownership along with it.

Once you've reached this stage, you no longer have to worry. You will get swallowed up in the lottery marketing machine, and you will be spending a lot of time answering questions for the television, and waving. That's the price of winning, I suppose.